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Visual Effects (VFX) come into play at the intersection of reality and imagination. Arena’s VFX courses prepare you to become a versatile VFX specialist, equipped with the skills demanded by the industry. From the basics to advanced techniques and tools, you’ll learn it all.

As the popularity of fantasy movies like The Avengers and Bahubali, and television shows like Game of Thrones continue to soar, the demand for visual effects is skyrocketing. Enrol in our VFX courses to master the fundamentals and turn ordinary scenes into extraordinary works of art.

VFX Film Making

The VFX Film Making course helps you understand the VFX film-making production pipeline &...

vfx film making
vfx compositing editing
VFX Compositing & Editing

This course trains you in two of the most important aspects of VFX: compositing...

VFX Prime

VFX Prime is a comprehensive course that covers Visual effects for advertising and television...

VFX Prime
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